Developing Healthy Snacks

for Generation Go


Try them all with the Assorted Pack!

Treasure Trove has crafted the perfect snack for your everyday needs with your health in mind. We believe that simplicity is key, and that nature provides all the ailments for optimum health, and we even took it a step further to make it available for everyone to enjoy and absorb the various benefits our pure ingredients have to offer.

Assorted Pack 8 oz: 8 individual servings (1 blueberry, 1 cranberry, 1 mixed seeds 2 pumpkin seeds, 1 black, 2 sesame seeds) sesame snacks.

Unwrapped natures greatest gifts at the office, on your morning hikes, and add them in your kids’ lunch boxes to top off their balanced meals.

Already Have Your Favorite?

Take the healthy route to an all-natural lifestyle while snacking our delicious Crunch Bars.


Our Vision & Healthy Reality

We strive to serve as a platform that provides a diverse array of options that make a healthy life style easy, all while keeping you informed of vital information and trending knowledge that influences the consumer; meaning you.

Discover how to incorporate quality and essential foods for optimum health that not only affects the body, but also the mind and soul.

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